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Who we are?

We are a team of well-educated, creative and experienced Real Estate Consultants. By training, Alex Aung (Broker ) & Yuchi  our team leads are Electrical Engineers, graduated from well reputed UC Berkeley & Iowa State University. With technical background combined with well verse Real Estate Experience & knowledge, we are not just your average Realtor. We employ our analytical thinking and no non-sense approach when it comes to analyzing & negotiating your real estate needs. We educate our clients rationalize the situation instead of being solely emotional at the moment. We  are at ease with use of  all latest & available technologies & we use that to your advantage to Research, Organize, Analyze, Communicate & Negotiate for you. Our goal is to be your family real estate consultants for live. For past incredible 6 years, with our wealth of Specialized knowledge, Creativity and Persistence, we have been making Silicon Valley Homes affordable for many families, who are now the proud home owners. Applying this same knowledge and care as we share with our clients, each of us does not just own properties in CA for our own living. We are also serious real estate investors ourselves, owning many investment properties in other popular investment states, such as Arizona & Texas etc. Helping people achieve their investment and home ownership goals are our passion. We love Real Estate and most of all we love good people. In addition to English our real estate team can fluently communicate with you in Burmese, Myanmar, Mandarin & Taiwanese.  

      What we do & How we do it? 

SiSimply put We Make Silicon Valley Homes Affordable ®

Here is our simple formula of How We Make Silicon Valley Homes Affordable ®

Cheapest Possible Below Market Rate Financing


All Possible Down Payment  & Closing Cost Options




Homes That Fit Special Financing Program's Guidelines & Buyer's  Needs




Best Negotiation On Both Price &Terms




Affordable Silicon Valley Home Ownership

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We We understand the full challenge of affordability issues faced by many of the would-be  home buyers in Bay Area, thus, making sales of entry-level home difficult to many young families. Our approach is to address this affordability issue in two ways.

   1. With our extensive and unbiased Area Real Estate Knowledge knowing which homes are available and fit for your given resources.

             2. With our extensive and unbiased Financing Knowledge knowing what government down payment & closing cost assistance are available, as well           as what government subsidized below-market-rate home loans are there for many 1st time home buyers.  

By combining the cheapest possible financing programs, down payment & closing cost assistance together with our area real estate knowledge to look for homes that qualify these program’s guidelines, we have successfully transformed many happy families to proud home owners from renters, without paying the penalty of higher interest rates for NOT having enough down payment or closing cost. Click Here to see what many of our clients have to say about our consulting job in their own words.

How are we Different?

Unlike ordinary real estate salesperson whose concern is to close as many transactions as possible, we are your Real Estate Consultants/Educators. By that, we mean, we Listen to your needs and goals, Analyze the situation and Prescribe the best possible solution, whether your Real estate or Financing needs. In some cases, this may even include advices that stop you from your potential real estate purchase –if that’s the best for your interest. We are also Silicon Valley's First Time Home Buyer specialist. We hold special knowledge and approach to tackle affordability and down payment issues faced by many of the would-be home buyers. Many veteran realtors may claim that they work with 1st time home buyers; however, as an industry insider, we know that Realtors need special interest and wealth of specific knowledge to truly help first time buyers. Having a license to buy and sell real estate in traditional ways does not make him/her a specialist. Please see above what makes us the specialist and how our approach is different. Coming from technical background, Analyzing the fundamentals, No none-sense Negotiation & Employing latest technology  to your advantage came natural to us. In addition to traditional methods of communication, we employ  Text Messaging, E-fax, E-mail, Web, Toll free number, On-line  Transactional Management Software & several other multi media methods. As a result, the direct benefit to you is timely yet efficient & secure communication with you and all parties involve with your transaction.

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