Why  is it important for you to Join VIP Home Buyer?  Everyone wants a great deal home & save 10’s of thousands. However, do you know that Average Realtors do NOT prepare you or guide you properly to secure these Good deal homes. Worst, most  do not have SUCCESSFUL experience  & record  representing foreclosed or good deal homes  nor know how to protect you & your deposit  from 1 sided Seller’s pre- written contracts that typically accompany when comes to good FORECLOSED deals.  

How to secure the best deal home available on the market before others do?  When comes to great deal home , whether it is Foreclosed, Trustee Sales or Simply just a good deal home -  due to substantially lower attractive selling prices, these properties are highly desirable & on high demand, regardless of the general market conditions. However,  we also know that  at the end of the day, it is  quickly SOLD to ONE lucky buyer? Our job is to ensure that this lucky person is you (our client). Competition is fast & furious. Thus, you can not afford to second guess on whether to make an offer, how much to offer & what preventive measure & preparation steps to takes on your side as buyer. You will need an experienced, caring   and committed professional prepare & leads you confidently through out the entire process.  Great homes at great bargain prices do not come on market all the time& when it comes they do not last on market for long.  Thus, there is no other way around but you will need patience, commitment & be well prepared on your side. Plus you will need a committed & dedicated professional constantly watching  out for these deals as well as help you to form a strategy & preparation ahead.

Sounds a lot of work? Fortunately, when you join our V.I.P Buyer Program all this can be done easily. Joining the V.I.P buyer program is FREE since majority of the time it’s the seller who compensate us for our service- thus it is  FREE to you .However  to commit our resources & time, as well as to expedite preparing ahead on your case to beat out, all other  potential  competing buyers to great deals which goes really fast - we need to know that you are  equally  committed to the process  as we are too .

Simply put it, sign up for our V.I.P buyer memeber, we will Prepare You , Find You The Deal (with your spec) & Acutally Help Buy the Deal (Finding good deal means nothing- if one do not know how to actually get it out of other competing hands - and trust us, if it reallys is a good deal there will be competing hands)  

Here are the 11 Guaranteed benefits YOU will receive as our V.I.P Buyer Member.

1.      Real time & Priority alert on custom screened “Good deal homes ”  that strictly fits your property criterion and price range (no auto computer screened  out  jumbos with all good & ugly )

2.      Priority  & flexible  expedite showing schedule to accommodate you .(so you can  beat out other smart buyers before they even know on real good deal homes)

3.      Written & signed Exclusive  Buyer Representation to serve only you & your interest as buyers –to protect your interest. (Do you know most realtor work as sub-agent of seller? Or most agent don’t even bother to explain you, your rights as buyer? We guaranteed your rights in writing)

4.      Custom Preparation ahead on your case to ensure your offer appears to Seller as highly desirable, without increasing the price beyond minimally required & without exposing you to additional risk. (We get you Ready & Aimed  ...so you can fire on any oncoming  target at any surprise moment –for great bargain)

5.      Insider’s researched info into seller’s bottom line $$ & property history info on every potential great deal. ( The details banks & seller’s agents do not want to share with you)

6.      Detailed current market value analysis report on every potential property before writing any offer.. (so you know what kind of a deal you are getting into)

7.      Additional FREE 1 on 1 consulting on entire foreclosure topics:  NOT only the Goods but also, the bad & the ugly of Pre-foreclosure, Post foreclosure, Short Sales, Trustee Sales, Bank Own, Foreclosed & Auctions.

8.      Additional FREE 1 on 1 consulting on dealing with New Home Builders & their so call set prices,  how they make more money from you  than you think & how to actually get the best deal out of them.

9.      Custom advises & preventive measures on how to avoid the Bad & the Ugly of foreclosure properties.

10.Fast finance approval with major lending  institution  using our industry network–again this will help beat out other buyers  (As separate additional loan approval from specific bank is often  requires by most foreclosing seller )

11.Help with custom analysis & securing on what helps and programs are available for you from government, non-profit organizations & non-traditional programs to help reduce your over all costs.

Imagine how it is feel like to own a great deal home with great savings? What does it mean to you & your family?  Please Fill the request form below for V.I.P Buyer Program, we will contact you and get you started immediately. We have proven strategy, effective method & verifiable successful past client list for your references, complete with the public records to prove it.

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