Finding your good deal dream home, beating out other buyers, negotiating aggressively  to secure it, all tiring jobs, but can be rewarding & fun if done properly.  However, saving $$ on property by negotiating delivers only 50% of your saving. If you stop there, YOU are leaving other 50% of the SAVINGS on the table.

At Home Solutions Realty, unlike average real estate companies we make your home purchase more affordable by delivering 100% savings.

If you are "1st Time Home Buyer" , as your "1st time buyer specialist Realtor", we will check whether YOU qualify & eligible for best "Government & Non-profit Home Buyer Programs", where you can get closing cost help, down payment assistance & home loans that requires "Low" or "No" intital investments. 


However, if YOU are NOT "1st Time Home Buyer" or for whatever reasons can NOT qualify for "Government & Non profit Home buyer programs" we have subsidized Non-traditional financing helps. As our Real Estate Client,  we will exclusively  offer **Below Market pre-negotiated Interest Rates" through us for conventional home loans. How do you know for sure that you are truly getting a superior deal from us? Simple, on the day you  lock the rate with us, we guarantee that interest rate you get from us will beat big 4 reliable bank's (i.e Bank Of America, Chase JP Morgan, Well Fergo & WAMU) published on-line retail interest rates for the same day  for the same loan amount & terms. To make you smile,  we will also pay all lender related fees, together with the below market rates, so you can be sure YOU are not being charged somewhere else.

Most Real Estate companies claim one stop shopping experience without any guarantee to make more profit from you. But, here at Home Solutions Realty –Alex Team –with this "**Below Market Rate Conventional Program"  or  with the use of  "*Government & Non-profit Home Buyer programs" YOU will actually get 2  chances to SAVE your money. Once with  purchase of your great deal home, we find & negotiate on your behalf  & another with "Best Financing program choices".

Call us NOW @ (408)646-4622 (OR)  CLICK  Make an Online Appointment   to schedule for "FREE 30 minutes consultation" , so we can learn YOUR goal & show YOU many saving opportunities & options you are entitled to as Home Buyer.  You can also see our client's Success Stories & what they have to say about these programs in their own word.  

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*For 1st time Buyer - government & Non profit loan, qualified clients will get the rate published by government & respective lenders of Non-profit programs. Buyer is responsible for lender fee & buyer's own closing cost for all government & Non-profit programs.    
**For "Below Market Interest Rate Program" Lender fees coverage & below market interest rates are valid only for Conventional loans with loan amount of 417K or higher with 5, 10 & 30 yr fix rates. The loan must be for primary residence & minimum buyer down payment of 10%. Buyer must have middle credit score of  700 or higher.

To be eligible for above programs Home Buyer must purchase home through Home Solution Realty as Buyer Broker Representative .


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